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Police make arrests over European football match fixing

Police have today carried out number arrests across Europe after suspicions of match-fixing in major European football leagues. Over 100 people are said to have been targeted.

The origins of the possible scandal have centred in Germany where prosecutors realeased the information – they have not yet disclosed what other countries were involved in the raids.

German authorities have been working closely with UEFA during the investigation who has been working relentlessly to combat a recently up-rising in awareness of potential match fixing in football.

The limited early report says that a gang is suspected to have been bribing players, referees and officials to fix matches which would either affect the final score or make something occur in the game that would not normally take place. The gang would then place huge sums on money on the correct outcome.

The media in German have pointed out the top Turkish league being one of the top targets for the police saying that many games are suspected to have been fixed.

UEFA have already announced back in September that they were investigating 40 matches in the Champions League and UEFA Cup – the matches spanning the past 4 years and involving mainly Eastern European teams.
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