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British Poker Pro Marcus Bebb-Jones Arrested Over Suspected Killing

A British poker professional was yesterday arrested by U.S authorities on suspicion of murdering his wife at a Colorado park over twelve years ago.

It has been alleged that Marcus Bebb-Jones killed his wife Sabrina in the national park in September 1997, with the 46-year-old then going on a lavish spending spree in Las Vegas funded by her credit cards after disposing of the body.

Investigators believe Bebb-Jones used the deceased woman’s bank cards to pay for a night of high-octane gambling in Sin City, before attempting suicide several days later after firing a gun into his open mouth – amazingly escaping without serious injury.

Following his wife’s disappearance, Bebb-Jones was questioned by police after her blood was found in his car, but never faced any charges as her fate could not be established. At the time, Bebb-Jones told investigators that his wife had walked out with their 3-year-old son following a marital disagreement.

When the missing woman’s skull was eventually discovered by a rancher on a mountain pass in Colorado in 2004, Bebb-Jones had started a new life for himself as a professional poker player back in England; where he went on to enjoy great success on the Grosvenor UK Poker Tour, winning the 2007 Walsall event for £90,000.

However, Bebb-Jones was yesterday arrested at his home in Kidderminster on a US warrant and now faces the possibility of extradition to the States for his trial where, if found guilty, he could face life imprisonment without the possibility of parole.
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