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All systems Go for New Online Poker.

It’s been called “the most anticipated launch in the history of online poker” and, according to the team behind PKR, their game is poised to light up your screens.

PKR’s blend of rich 3D graphics, lush game environments and incredibly realistic avatars have been generating a buzz ever since early screenshots and videos of the game first started surfacing earlier this year. Now in public Beta testing, the company is putting the finishing touches on the game in anticipation of a summer launch.

One of the features that is sure to appeal to online players is the impressive detail players can put into their in game characters.

“With such a high level of customization this is a poker room where no two players will ever look exactly the same”, said PKR CEO Malcolm Graham.

And what will players experience once they’ve picked out their threads and sat down at a table? Another of PKR’s breakthrough technologies is their exclusive Emote Control, a panel of buttons that allows users to exhibit a huge range of emotions and expressions while playing. Not only does Emote Control add to the entertainment value of the game, it’s designed to add significantly to the game play.

PKR founder and video games pioneer Jez San explains, “Until now tells really haven’t been part of the online poker experience. We wanted to create a game where players could give off tells and try to get a read on what other players where up to based on their body language.”

One of the most interesting ways the site achieves this is by keeping players’ cards face down on the table. If a player needs to look at his hand, they’re seen peeling their cards up, so the rest of the table knows when you’re peeking to see if you caught that straight or flush draw.

Look for PKR to launch live this summer. Those wishing to get a preview and early-bird bonuses and offers can register now at
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