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Online Gambler in America wins "Just Like That" at Bingo Mega

One lucky Sacramento online gambler has lived up their online handle, bagging a daily jackpot “Just Like That”.

The players won the prize on Sunday 8 November, while playing in the 75-ball Main Hall at

"I love to play at Bingo Mega,” said the player, who goes by the username Just Like That. “But I was very shocked to hear the jackpot sound while I was cooking. I ran to the computer when I saw it was me who hit the jackpot, I was speechless for three minutes. Then my son said mom you hit the big one on your favourite game because he knows I like Daily Delights. We looked at each other, hugged and started jumping and clapping, I am so happy it feels great."

The avid online bingo fan continued: “I like online bingo because you can dress anyway you want and do house work and cook all at the same time. I would like to tell other players that they too can win. I always said I will never win a jackpot but I was so surprised when I did win. Now I know everyone can win."
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