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Las Vegas Shootings targeting high stakes Poker Players

Many journalists like to enliven their articles with constant parallels between the art of poker and warfare, likening the former to a scaled down, non-aggressive version of the latter. In reality the two worlds rarely, if ever, meet and the only time a poker player needs to fear a gun is if they’re playing Call of Duty on their PS3; or so the case used to be.

A recent spate of attacks on Vegas poker pros has forced many well known high stakes players to reconsider the way they handle their money. In the past week there have been two shootings in Vegas involving poker players on both sides of the action. In the first incident a player known for keeping large sums of cash in his home (up to $35,000) was targeted by a criminal gang.

Literally minutes after receiving a warning from the police his house was invaded by a mace wielding assailant. The poker player managed to fire four shots in self-defence, killing the intruder and causing his co-conspirator to flee in a getaway car. The second incident involved a 68 year old Vegas resident and poker player. The man had been reported as missing for a week when his body was discovered in his apartment near Rainbow and Oakey.

Investigations at the Paseo Del Ray complex showed the victim had suffered a severe trauma which has lead police to believe the incident was part of a planned attack. Whether the two attacks are linked is unknown but it seems that with poker players enjoying new levels of prosperity and notoriety the criminals have begun to take notice.

If there’s anything to be learnt from these incidents then it’s that poker players, especially the high stakes ones, should take greater care and be less brash with their money in the future.
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