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Dong bin Han takes Asia Pacific Poker Tour title

Day 4 of the 2009 APPT saw Dong bin Han produce a tenacious display to break down heads-up opponent David Hilton and claim the main event title in the process. The tournament, hosted in the Filipino city of Cebu saw players eliminated at measured intervals from early on with Alexandr Tikholiz, Phillip Willcocks and Nick Pronk all disappointed early on.

Mark Pagsuyuin was the last Filipino left in the tournament but despite the enthusiastic support from the home crowd was eliminated in sixth place, thus ending hopes of the trophy staying in the Philippines. Pagsuyuin was caught with A9 off-suit against Han’s A10 off and predictably was dumped out.

Terry Fan, Kevin Clark and Sam Somyung all departed leaving Hilton to face Han heads-up for the title. Both players had originally started the bout with even chip-stacks, yet Dong bin Han quickly asserted his tactical dominance by liberally re-raising pre-flop and check-raising afterwards. Hilton was unable to adjust his game to Hans play and squandered a three-to-one stack ratio without Han ever breaking sweat.

The game was decided in two hands as Hilton attempted to neutralise his opponent by three-betting all in with two hands. In the first case he got luck, splitting the pot with A5 off against A(s)K(s). The second time he was not so fortunate, running straight into Han’s pocket Queens armed only with QJ off. Dominated, Hilton found no help by the river and the Championship went to the deserving Han winning him $148,200 in the process.
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