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Joan Rivers Drowns Doyle Brunson in Anti-Poker Rant

Professional poker players are never far from the jibes of the public, indeed, before poker hit the mainstream the common player was often painted as a Stetson wearing, gun toting, shyster who spent their time fleecing people in the backroom of a casino. Someone who remembers those days more than most is the granddaddy of poker himself, Doyle Brunson. Having witnessed poker’s transformation into a mainstream sport he is now revealing in the respect that fame and wealth bring; and rightly so.

However, despite the popularity of poker across America, moreover the globe, there are still some naysayers who revel in taking pot-shots at some of the most respected figures in the game. One such venom spouting critic (and supposed comedienne) is “don’t let her get too close a candle” Joan Rivers.

The plastic princess seems to hold a strong disregard for anyone involved in the poker world and after Doyle Brunson made a passing comment about her intelligence in his blog the classy comic decided to go into an anti-poker rant. Rivers openly lambasted Doyle on the Dan Lebatard show criticising everything from his wealth in comparison to hers (losing a million before breakfast must be standard in anybody’s life), his intelligence (hers is measured at 135 and above – I assume this means she’s anywhere from just above average to infinitely intelligent) and his reputation in his respective industry (he’s definitely never been called a legend, never).

The obviously well informed Joan managed to finish her tirade with some references to Hitler and the Jews before slamming down the phone. The shows presenters were stunned by the event and probably slightly disappointed that they didn’t get to hear anymore nuggets of comedy gold such as “he can go die under a deck of cards.” Genius. It just goes to show that being a marginally respected, almost mediocre comedienne doesn’t automatically bless you with any class, style or grace. NH Joan, WP.
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