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Online Gambling in Chile to get boost from Lottery Operator

Online gambling in Chile is set to receive a major boost in the coming months as the state lottery operator, Loteria de Concepcion, has recently negotiated a seven year contract with leading gaming provider Intralot. The Greek based company also works closely with Chile’s second largest lottery provider, Polla Chilena de Beneficencia. This move by the state organization is set to further increase the Intralot’s influence within the countries gambling market.

Currently, Intralot operate in fifty countries providing cutting edge lottery, online gambling and sports betting technology so their vast experience in the market will undoubtedly raise standards across the board.

With online casinos being illegal in Chile the only way for punters to wager a bet on the internet is via the state controlled lotteries, which means this new partnership will have a significant impact across the country. Indeed, this new coalition will serve to further increase the popularity of online betting in Chile and will reinvigorate calls for online casinos to be legalized throughout the country.

The Chilean government are certainly aware of the positive impact gambling revenue can have as profits from the online lotteries currently provide sponsorship to many social causes throughout the country. It remains to be see whether Chile will fully plunge themselves into the world on internet gambling and make online casinos legal. Whatever the future though, this recent move in the gaming industry will certainly have a major positive effect on the country as a whole.
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