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Survey Reveals French Women are Europe’s Leading Online Casino Players

French women are the top online casino players in Europe, according to research published this month.

The survey claims that girls in France are far and away the most likely demographic to have a flutter in online casinos, with more than a quarter of the registered female players on hailing from across the channel.

The 25.5% of female players registered on the site playing from France eclipsed the percentages of those from the rest of Europe, with 32% of them opting for slots and roulette as their preferred games at the popular online casino.

The results of the survey also revealed that the majority of French players viewed online gambling as a form of social entertainment rather than merely a means to win money, which will come as some news to major casino operators in Europe with France planning to relax their casino regulations over the New Year.

“We were very surprised to find that more French women play at our casino than women elsewhere,” said marketing director at Jeff Turner. “We plan to intensify our investment and improve our customer service to duplicate these results across the board.”
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