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Online Gambling Industry is Thriving.

The start of 2006 seems to be a very significant year for the online gambling industry, and its ever-growing popularity and accessibility looks almost certain to propel the world of online casinos into mainstream society.

The online gambling industry is booming more so than before and online casino sites are taking extra measures in order to keep up with the growing popularity of the industry. Recent reports by leading financial analysts have shown that the online casino industry is growing at a tremendous pace, with more and more players sign up to online casino sites on a daily basis growing the business by over 8% per annum on a general scale, with some online casinos even boasting numbers of 25-50% growth.

In as little as ten years, the online casino industry has become a totally independent sector of the gambling industry, with the development of industry specific technology to meet the huge demands of the thousands of sites requiring continual updating, as well as conferences and conventions being held almost every month.

With competition being fiercer than ever due to the thousands of new bettors flooding the online casino sites on a daily basis, sites are increasing their opening bonuses and signup specials to make sure that the new bettors choose their sites over others. Jackpot prizes are also being increased and several online casinos are now offering millions of dollars as the standard jackpot prize.
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