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Online Casinos Software Provider Backs Online Mahjong.

The online casinos software provider Playtech is set to offer its Asian users of mahjong-style games after arranging a licensing deal with Korea-based specialist developer Tanksoft.

The company, which supplies the software to some of the largest online casinos, poker and bingo rooms available, and have Empire Online and Bet365 among its clients. The deal means it can offer a full range of mahjong games, including country-specific versions.

Mahjong, is a ancient Chinese game, which was traditionally played by four players on a board and involves selecting and discarding units -- tiles in one case, cards in the other -- to score points by forming groups or runs of similar units.

Playtech Chief Executive Avigur Zmora said, “We have 11 sites that cater specifically for the Asian market that have been requesting mahjong games from us.”

Zmora also added “he expects to be able to offer its licensees the mahjong games by the end of this year.”

Playtech, which is listed in London, had shares listed at 257 pence in March, and closed at 338-1/2 pence on Thursday, valuing the business at around 720 million pounds ($1.34 billion).
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