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Major setback for the Poker Players Alliance (PPA) in Massachusetts

Massachusetts Attorney General Martha Coakley told members of the Poker Players Alliance (PPA) that she would be rejecting their bid to include an online poker initiative in the Massachusetts ballots in 2010. The reason for the rejection is the failings to meet the legal requirements to even make it into the ballot. It is a setback for the PPA and other groups trying to expand gambling within the state of Massachusetts.

The petition that PPA is lobbying would legalise online poker websites, which would include Massachusetts which would enable the state to collect 5% of deposits. Martha Coakly argued that the petition’s wording would not force the payment processors to hand over 5% of the deposits to the state.

It seems that PPA executive director, John Pappas, has not been deterred by the set back in Massachusetts, where they seem to be against any form of online gambling, they will still be pursuing similar initiatives in different states.

The model from PPA will allow residents to deposit money with a state licensed payment processor to play online poker with no fear of being illegal.
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