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US considers using online gambling taxes to aid Barack Obama Health Care Reform

One of Barack Obama’s promises before being voted president of the United States of America was to implement a health care reform which would provide an NHS (UK) like system into place for the public.

With the world’s current economic condition money to fund this great scheme is stretched and funds need to be found from somewhere.

According to reports the U.S Senate Finance Committee are considering the money that could be brought in by taxing online gambling. Estimates show that the governemtn would have an extra $6 billion a year from reverse the UIGEA and controlling the companies by imposing taxes.

Michael Waxman from the Safe and Secure Internet Gambling Initiative has applauded these new developments and believes it would be a great use for money taxed from online gambling.

Barney Frank and the Poker Players Alliance are still petitioning strongly to reverse the UIGEA which came into force in 2006.
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