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Renault F1 chief Flavio Briatore banned for life over Nelson Piquet crash fix

The World Motor Sport Council held an extraordinary meeting in Paris last night, to pass judgement on the investigation of the race fixing scandal concerning the Renault F1 team. It seems like the Renault F1 team got let off lightly as they only got a suspended ban as they were found guilty of trying to fix a race. But the road safety groups say that the light punishment ridicule the promotion of safe driving outside of motorsport.

The scandal started after Nelson Piquet Jnr, a former driver for the Renault F1 team, publicised that during the F1’s Singapore Grand Prix in 2008, he was ordered to attempt to fix the race by deliberately crashing into a wall which would force the safety car out onto the track, then that in turn would help his team mate then, Fernando Alonso, to catch the other drivers in front of him and allow him to win the race.

Initially Flavio Briatore, the Renault F1 team manager, said that Piquet's claims were shocking and rejected the idea that the crash handed the race to Alonso. But as the findings of the investigation was released last week Flavio Briatore, also joint owner of Queen Park Rangers FC, quit the F1 team. The FIA banned the ex Renault F1 team manager from the sport for life.

The other two members of the team to be involved was the former engineering director for the team, Pat Symonds, he has been banned from the sport for 5 years and for Nelson Piquet Jnr, there will not be any action taken against him for his role in exposing the whole scandal. The constructors only got a 2 year suspended ban.
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