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€100,000 won at online gambling site

Yesterday, the online scratch card website saw its first €100,000 win. The lucky winner was one of’s high profile players, Lydie.A. Lydie.A, from France won her amazing fortune at’s scratch slot games, Super Slot 7.

Lydie.A played her Super Slot 7 with a €10 card and had no idea that she would be the lucky winner of €100,000 Euros, let alone the very first person to ever win €100,000 Euros at since its launch back in March 2009.

Lydie.A was totally overjoyed by the win: “Today is the most beautiful day of my life. Thanks to the whole team. I’ve just won €100, 000. All of my dearest dreams and the dreams of my children will now come true and it is all thanks to you. Thank you again,” she said.

Scratch2Cash and have over 40 fun and exciting scratch games each. Last month on Scratch2Cash, €26,994,391.9 Euros were won in total across a variety of scratch games and players. Last month on, €11,892,504.9 Euros were won in total across the range of games and players.
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