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Online betting company Bwin loses challenge to Portuguese Gambling Monopoly

The online bookmaker, Bwin Interactive Entertainment AG, lost their challenge against Portugal’s sports- betting monopoly. A European Union court stated that the gambling restrictions they have in place are in fact legal, only as long as they are in place to target fraud and crime within the online gambling industry.

The restrictions that Portugal has put in place could be justified to meet certain goals, which include the fight against crime in the industry. If they are not discriminatory and do not go beyond what is necessary to achieve their purpose then they will be fine.

Bwin, One of Europe’s biggest online gambling and sports betting websites, challenged the Portuguese gambling monopoly and the extension to online wagering. But the ruling by a European Court of Justice has not only affected the Bwin case but could also affect other pending cases like the one Ladbrokes Plc filed against the Netherlands.

The gambling authority of Portugal fined Bwin €74,500($107,000), when they sponsored a Portuguese football league. The deal is said to have breached the nation’s exclusive gambling rights. This is what Bwin argued that the Portuguese discriminates against private companies, and tries to control the risk of gambling addiction too much.
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