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Online poker software provider Playtech Profits rise

The online casino and poker software giants Playtech have announced that the revenues for the company between January and June were up by 10% in 2009 compared to the same period for last year. Playtech are trading publicly on the London Stock Exchange and recently have been gaining momentum in the growth of the company, they have an aggressive approach in obtaining new technology and various companies.

Playtech have signed a deal with William hill to develop their online gambling website. They have also just signed a new licensing agreement with the Olympic Entertainment Group, who are gambling operators from the Baltic states. This deal will no doubt fortify Playtech’s foot hold in the European market, as they will be providing the online presence of land based operators.

The pre-tax profits for the company in the six months to the end of June was €32.8 million compared to €24 million the year before, and the revenue was also on the up €56.7 million compared to €51.6 million last year.

Now Playtech wants a part of the mobile gambling market, as they want to introduce gambling software for Apple’s ever popular iPhone and the up and coming Google’s Android based devices before the year is out.
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