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Ex NHL Union Leader Paul Kelly Defends Conduct

Former NHL union leader Paul Kelly has denied accusations that he misused his office in order to read a transcript of a private player’s meeting.

Earlier this week Kelly had been dismissed following a meeting of the NHL Players Association executive board, but no reason was given for his firing at the time.

However, since then rumours about his personal conduct have surfaced, moving Kelly to step forward and deny allegations that he had abused his position to read confidential documents.

“I cannot stand by and allow this false and misleading attack on my character and reputation," Kelly said in a statement released Thursday.

“I spent almost 10 years as a federal prosecutor, prosecuting numerous cases pertaining to fraud and dishonesty, including one involving a former NHLPA executive director. My personal ethics and reputation are beyond reproach.”

Kelly defended his conduct on the same day that Glenn Healy resigned as director of player affairs, with the changes coming just a few days after Pat Flatley, assistant director of player affairs and a staunch Kelly supporter, also resigned from his post.

The Globe and Mail on Thursday has since alleged that a member of the player executive did not refute the charge when asked whether it was the reason for Kelly’s dismissal, but would not elaborate any more on the matter.
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