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Big Brother Finale Tonight: Sophie Reade still bookies favourite

Big Brother will finally come to an end tonight and is expected to draw in a record number of viewers thought to go into the 10’s (10 more than usual). It’s been a rough year for the reality show having recently been axed after the channel 4 contract runs out next year due to the lowest ratings in the shows 10 year history.

With 5 contestants still in the house and no doubt getting ready for the final as we speak model Sophie Reade is still clear favourite to win the show. With her ample-chest and likeable personality she appeals to a wide range of the viewing public – men who are forced to watch the shows with their partners and women who look up to the likes of Katie Price. There’s no doubt Reade will have a colourful career after leaving the house – reports have said she will be offered a six figure contract with a drug company that controls flatulence after she offended a number of housemates with her gas.

Siavash, Rodrigo, Charlie and David are also left in the house but unfortunately they are highly un-interesting. Siavash and Rodrigo look set to take 2nd and 3rd respectively having been well liked by the public throughout the summer.

Rumours have been circulating that Big Brother, which will return for its final season next year, will be a “BB all-star” event which will bring old Big Brother favourites back into the house to end the show with a bang instead of a pffft…
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