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Matt Le Tissier tried to scam bookies whilst at Southampton FC

Matt Le Tissier has sensationally admitted to attempting to scam bookies when he was playing for Southampton back in 1995.

Le Tissier, one of footballs greats from the 90’s, has told how he, his friends and a team mate attempted to make more money by scamming the bookmakers during a match against Wimbledon. They had decided they would place thousands of pounds on the ball going out of play for a throw-in before the first minute was up.

However, it didn’t go to plan. The plan was for his accomplice to roll the ball back to him straight after kick-off and then Le Tissier would try to pass to Neil Shipperley far out on the wing. But without trying to make it an obvious error Le Tissier failed to get it out over Shipperley’s head without him keeping it in play.

At this point, Le Tissier and his friends stood to lose a lot of cash if the ball was not put out in the next 70 seconds. After 69 seconds of frantically chasing down the ball, Le Tissier finally put it into touch dead on 70 seconds which was netural time so neither bookie nor Le Tissier won the bet.
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