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Another Month, Another Jackpot Winner at online casino Slotland

Online casino giants Slotland have announced that the Slotland progressive jackpot has been hit for the second time in the space of a month as slot enthusiast “MARMOTLUV” took home $80,369.

The big money pay-out came on the recently-launched Tetris-themed slot, Slotris, with “MARMOTLUV” admitting that it was their love of the block-dropping game as a child that drew them to the new game.

“I used to love playing Tetris as a kid, so I’ve enjoyed playing Slotris ever since it was added to Slotland,” explained the delighted winner. “I’ve won lots of smaller amounts over the years I’ve been playing on Slotland, but I never dreamt that I’d win such a huge jackpot. The money is already in the bank – but not for long!”

Slotland had already established a reputation for the frequency of their jackpot payouts, with a hit of $100k-$150k usually occurring about once every six weeks. However, this is not the first time that multiple jackpots have been hit in a shorter space of time – last fall there were three jackpot payouts in quick succession and Slotland players will be hoping that the latest double will be part of a similar trend.

“MARMOTLUV”’s five-figure win follows just a few weeks after a young British couple won the $169,923 playing Slotland’s Megaspin game at the end of July. With 16 games at Slotland all contributing to the same jackpot, it shouldn’t take long for the prize pool to hit similar heights in September.
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