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New Study Puts Women’s Poker On The Rise

A study by Poker Players Research (PPR) has concluded that by 2011, a third of real money poker players will be women.

The study surveyed a pool of 13,000 regular players across Europe, North America and Australia and confirmed that female participation and activity were now one of the main areas of enquiry among poker sites.

PPR spokesman Glenn Flackett explained: “The PPR research shows that a quarter of real money poker players are women, but that the average female’s rake per session is currently half that of men due to lower stakes and shorter sessions on the tables.”

Since there is such fierce competition for the male sector of the game, this recent change in demographic represents a serious marketing opportunity for online poker sites, particularly because many operators believe that investment in the women’s game could result in greater loyalty and lifetime value.

Considering the recent rise of female stars in the game such as Vanessa Rousso and Sandra Naujoks, it seems odd that the women’s poker market has been left alone until now, but certainly if the results of PPR’s study are to be believed, all that could change in the next couple of years.
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