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Gambling’s Top 5 Obscure Betting Sports

1 Bandy: Bandy is a winter sport where a ball is hit with a stick. It shares a common ancestry with ice hockey having been developed from the informal "ball and stick on ice" games known collectively as shinny. Played on ice, its big in Norway and Sweden. Where to bet:

2 Sheep racing: In the small Channel Island of Sark they go loopy for a bit of sheep-racing once a year. “But how do you get sheep to run on cue?” we hear you cry. Simple: have a sheepdog chase them. Kind of like the hare in greyhound-racing but with some interesting role reversal. Where to bet: Sark, every July

3 Trotting: Trotting is a form of harness-racing, a horse-racing discipline in which the horses race in a specified gait: trotting or pacing. They usually pull two-wheeled carts, fantastically named ‘sulkies’. Makes for funny viewing as the jockey bobs along behind in his little chariot. Where to bet:

4 Biathlon: Such an odd combination of sports: cross-country skiing and shooting. I guess the shooting part is a good way for competitors to let off steam after all that arduous skiing over flat terrain. It’d almost be quicker to walk. Nevertheless, apparently you can bet on it. Though you’d have to be really, really bored. Where to bet:

5 Rubber duck racing: Not sure you we can quite consider this a sport when the outcome is random, but there’s an annual Great British Duck Race on the River Thames once a year and it costs just £2 to ‘adopt’ a duck, with £10,000 first prize for the winner as well as 30 runners-up prizes. Where to adopt:
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