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Snooker stars Stephen Maguire & Jamie Burnett questioned over gambling scandal

Two snooker stars have been questioned by the police over their contentious UK Championship match, which happened last December between Stephen Maguire and Jamie Burnett. The match between the two stars attracted irregular gambling patterns over the final score of the match.

When bookmakers received some unusually large bets for the final score of the match for Stephen Maguire to win 9-3, they contacted World snooker to let them know before the actual match. So when the match finished at that score then the governing body of the sport and the gambling commissions started an investigation.

The controversy became even more suspicious when Burnett missed a simple shot on the black in the 12th frame, which could have ruined the betting scandal as it would have made the score 8-4 if the black was potted.

The stars have denied any unlawful activity and Burnett added that he missed the black due to the added pressure as he was informed of the gambling patterns during the match.

Stephen Maguire is one of the best snooker players in the world, he is currently ranked at number 2 in the world and is a previous UK Championship winner. Jamie Burnett is currently ranked at number 45. And now both players are involved in what could be one of the biggest scandals to hit the sport.

World Snooker, which is the snooker’s governing body have made it clear that they are aware the 2 players have been detained by the police and there will be no more comments from them at this stage. They are just waiting for any further developments.
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