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Bet scammers use Franck Ribery and Rafa Benitez

Franck Ribery and Rafa Benitez have found themselves in the middle of gambling con. Both Benitez and Ribery have been dragged innocently into the gambling scam which could be worth hundreds of thousands of pounds. It seems that Benitez and Ribery had nothing to do with the bets placed, but just their names were all that the syndicate needed to pull off the sophisticated fiddle.

The odds on Rafa Benitez, last week to be the first Premier League manager to be sacked, dropped unpredictably to 6-4, from a staggering 18-1 in just a few hours. This was so unexpectedly that one betting firm closed its books on the bet.

All the while Franck Ribery was also in the bets, the syndicate backed Ribery to leave Bayern Munich and join Liverpool, the odds dropped from 66-1 to 3-1. All the bets was placed within a day, but there was nothing in the news to prove any of the events would happen. It seemed that the bets were manufactured by an group, who wanted to force the odds to tumble, so they placed thousands on the bets to help the odds fall.

Once the odds had fallen to their lowest points for the bets, the market braced itself for the events to happen, the syndicate then placed even more money on bets for Franck Ribery and Rafa Benitez to stay at their respective clubs. The market analysts are convinced the group placed 5 times more money on them staying than on them leaving. They knew this was safe as they fabricated the stories about both leaving their clubs.
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