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West Ham v Millwall Carling Cup Match to be investigated by FA

The FA is today investigating the violence that occurred last night at the West Ham v Millwall Carling Cup match.

There were numerous flashes of violence that happened before, during and after the game around Upton Park and a 44 year old man was stabbed outside the tube station.

Police in full riot gear were required to keep the hooligans controlled but were severely outnumbered both in and outside the stadium. Outside clashes in the streets saw bottles and bricks being thrown between the two sets of supporters – a pub was trashed and several windows broken. According to reports mainly injuries were sustained to the fans and to the police.

Inside the stadium the West Ham fans invaded the pitch three times throughout the game attempting to reach the Millwall fans in the away seating area. The stewarts struggled to keep order and several West Ham players encouraged fans to leave the pitch. Police were then required to control a particular section of the West Ham fans and batons were used.

The FA is investigating both sets of supporters along with the police and club representatives. There are also reports that some Millwall fans were chanting racist slurs aimed at Carlton Cole during his substitution.

Scenes were reminiscent of the violence seen in the 1970’s and portrayed in football hooligan movie “Football Factory” with the violence presumably pre-planned. Many had thought the gritty organised part of football hooliganism had been left behind.

The FA is likely to impose strict discipline to both teams that could include playing games behind closed doors, West Hams suspension from the Carling Cup and hefty fines.
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