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Big Brother: Sophie Reade clear favourite to win & Channel 4 axe BB

Sophie Reade, who has gone from strength to strength in the Big Brother house and has no doubt won her place as the next household reality star name for at least the next few months, is now the clear favourite to win this year’s show.

Reade has already appeared in numerous lads mags thanks to her ample-sized chest and blonde hair - hopefully she’ll stick to modelling when she leaves the Big Brother house and not “venture” into TV presenting or becoming an easy WAG like the rest.

The best odds you can get on her winning the show is now 2/1 with her closest rival, Rodrigo, at 5/1.

This week Siavash and Marcus face the public voting at 11/8 and 9/2 respectively it would seem very few people care which of the two will walk.

Big Brother 10 has been the worse ever for ratings for Channel 4 who have admitted today that the public and even the show’s producers find the format “boring and un-cool”. Only 2 million viewers have been tuning in to the nightly shows.

After the low ratings and constant scrutiny from the media Channel 4 have finally decided to pull the plug on the show which first aired in the summer of 2000 which over 10 million tuned into nightly. Unfortunately there will be another series (Big Brother 11) next summer as Channel 4 will honour the contract with producers Endemol worth £180m.
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