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Brazil could be the next to introduce an online gambling ban

It looks like the Brazilian government is contemplating a new law aimed at the online gambling industry, the new legislation will be similar to that of the UIGEA of the US which will prevent online gambling payments being processed.

The bill that they are trying to pass will eventually establish laws against payment transactions for the online gambling industry, exactly like UIGEA has done for the US. Even with all the problems that the US have experienced with it, Magno Malta the Brazilian Senator has been backing the bill for over a year and now finally it has been advanced to the Communications and Technology Committee.

Just like most of the US, Gambling is illegal in Brazil, but online gambling companies ignore it. This in turn is making the Lawmakers to strike at those who help the offshore gambling operators. The bill is proposing criminal penalties for the people behind the payment systems, like credit card companies, sports betting and online casino games, however now, they are after the Internet service providers (ISP) and third party payment processing firms.

But the problems that the US faced with the ban of online gambling may not happen in Brazil. The reasoning behind this is that the gambling laws are very different to the US, and the US federal law does not address illegal gambling with the exception of sports betting, so therefore defining what UIGEA is allowed to block has been a serious issue. And in the US horse racing and lotteries have been continuing which offshore companies have been complaining about discriminatory trade practices. But this will not be a problem in Brazil as all types of gambling are prohibited.
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