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Major Legislation Forces Online Casino Bill to Take a Back Seat

The burning issues of national policy on repairing the economy and reforming the health care system are likely to push Barney Frank’s online casino bill further down the Whitehouse pecking order, it was reported yesterday.

Frank himself had previously been adamant that the bill would reach the committee sometime this year, but with internet gambling failing to establish itself as a top priority in the light of the major legislation currently in front of Congress, the issue may be pushed back until after the new year.

Spokesmen for Frank’s bill had originally said that the proposed legislation would be advanced to the House Financial Services Committee shortly after Easter and, after that date passed, sometime around Independence Day. However, with headway again failing to be made, Frank’s people are now targeting a September review for the bill.

Unfortunately for Frank, former US Senator Richard Bryan believes it is highly unlikely that the online casino bill will be heard any time in the immediate future. Bryan, who now works as a gaming attorney, believes that the huge legal battles over issues such as national health care will almost certainly prevent the bill from becoming a priority before the end of the year.

“[debate on the bill] probably won’t happen this year,” Bryan told the Las Vegas Review-Journal, explaining that his experience in Washington reminded him that Congress often moves at a “glacial pace”.

“My sense, however, is that there is a gathering, gradual momentum where, eventually, internet gaming will occur and be regulated – I'm just not sure if it has reached critical mass yet." He added.
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