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Fans laying down the cash on final Ashes cricket match

Nearly £10m is expected to be passed to the bookies during the course of the final Ashes match at the Oval making it the highest gamble in the history of cricket.

It would seem the British public have faith in the home side with most of cash been layed on England making a comeback with the return of Andrew Flintoff and beat the Aussies in the test.

If England wins the match they will take the urn back to England after the Australian team have had a firm grasp on it for the past few years.

The Aussies are strong favourites to hold onto the urn for another year but English punters have the belief that the English team and Flintoff will turn it around – despite the Aussies being on great form in the last two tests.

The high betting action comes despite revelations earlier this week that one of the Australian team was approached by a known match fixer.
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