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Online gambling limit raised to $10,000 per week

Online gamblers who live in British Columbia and log on the government owned gambling website could soon be betting thousands of dollars a week on lottery tickets, sports events and even a number of online games. The B.C. Lottery Corp, who runs the Play Now website, wants to raise the weekly limit the have set from $120 to almost $10,000. Even the thought of the proposal prompted condemnation from politicians of the opposing side immediately.

Michael Graydon, the president of the corporation, stated that it was their decision to raise the limit of the amount people can bet, and not the government of British Columbia, he went on to say that research shows that online gamblers can make the decisions and set their own limits on how much money they wager.

"It gives them the opportunity, based on their own economics, to be able to set what they'd like to do." said Graydon, "We felt that it was important to put a ceiling on that, but really the premise and the outcome of the research was (that) we're in the best shape to be able to let the players set their own limits"

It seems that British Columbia has had a steady income of around $1 billion from gambling, even through the current economic climate. And the corporation is adamant that the raising of the limit has nothing to with the fact that British Columbia is in a budget deficit. But the government has not said anything about whether they will or will not dip into that money pot to cover some of their own spending.
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