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$35 million on the Ultimate Poker Dream Team.

The ultimate poker dream team is now only a mouse click away with the launch of an innovative new online competition - a contest boasting a $100,000 prize fund.

Now every poker fan can have a stake in this year's World Series of Poker by building their own squad of ten players on

Similar to fantasy leagues involving football, baseball and other team sports, the Fantasy Poker Game challenges you to create a squad of players whose achievements during the World Series could send you on your way to a big cash prize.

A registration fee of $30 hands the player a notional $35 million to spend on recruiting their team, with players actually competing in the WSOP even able to pick themselves as part of the game's innovative Wild Cards element.

Wild Cards is a first for fantasy sports games and allows the team manager to enter any player they want - themselves, a friend or even a player they've spotted raking in the cash online.

And entry into the game also secures a ticket in a prize draw, with the winner walking away with a WSOP Main Event Package worth $12,500.

With the WSOP less than two months away, if you think you know poker, it's time to prove it.
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