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Poker mogul Andreas Oscarsson shot dead at his home

The Swedish founder of the popular PokerListings website has been found murdered in his bedroom, having been shot by an unknown gunman.

Andreas Oscarsson, 36, was apparently shot on August 3, according to a posting on the PokerListings site. His two-year-old son was said to have been present at the time of the shooting, and police were talking with the boy for any leads he might be able to provide.

An article on one website speculated that: “Whilst details/sources still remain uncertain, word is out that a 20-year-old man by the name of Andreas Oscarsson was shot down last year in the exact same town in Sweden.”

A statement posted on PokerListings’ website read: “Andreas was a very generous person to those close to him, a brilliant internet marketing guru, and a savvy business entrepreneur – always looking to break new ground and break new records.”

Police have not commented on how many times Oscarsson was shot, where he was hit, or if his son was awake at the time of the murder. A translated article from a Swedish newspaper that appears on the TwoPlusTwo website states that a window in Oscarsson’s bedroom was open.

Oscarsson had taken a back seat from day-to-day operations at PokerListings following the birth of his son, and had been working as an advisor to the site in recent times.

Oscarsson’s wife has reportedly flown to Sweden from her home in New York while the investigation continues.
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