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Stanley Ho in hospital makes gambling industry in Macau un-certain

Stanley Ho, who is now aged 87, has been kept in hospital for another night after undergoing brain surgery to remove a blood clot; he has remained in intensive care.

Ho owns a 30% share of Macau’s $14 billion gambling revenues and it is thought that if his health worsens one of the biggest power struggles could ensue as people come out of the woodwork of Ho’s life to lay claim of the 30% share.

Macau is the world’s biggest gaming market and in the case of Stanley Ho’s death the industry could become completely un-stable.

Ho has lived a colourful life and many fear that four women each who claim to be Stanley Ho’s wife and his seventeen children could seize the opportunity to take a slice of the industry.

In China, preference is for a male heir which would favour Lawrence Ho, his eldest son, but he has formed his own business with an Australian partner. Another main contender would be his daughter Pansy Ho who is currently running one of her father’s businesses Shun Tak Holdings.
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