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Online Gambling Return For Paypal

We can make no bones about it – online payment processing is one of the most contentious areas of online gambling. With financial services often targeted by governments looking to gain a handle on the industry, it can prove a hotbed for potential conflict – which makes Paypal’s re-entry into the market all the more interesting.

Having previously declined to accept online gambling business in Europe, the company have now reversed the decision, giving Paypal some hope of moving into the US market should it re-open. American players are still unable to use Paypal to settle wagers at the moment, although the fact that their British counterparts can now move funds into their online casino and bingo sites will certainly be encouraging.

Paypal’s softening towards online gambling follows a general trend among European companies, with Google being another which has a newfound acceptance of online gambling operators.

Eyes will now be cast towards the US and European governments to see if any more restrictions will be imposed on the likes of Paypal, Ivobank and other money processing firms.
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