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More changes to online gambling: UIGEA bill and PayPal

As the UIGEA bill is in hopes of being repealed, online sites are starting to change their policies, about online gambling. This is as PayPal appears to be preparing itself for such an event when it happens. This is as the company pulled out of online gambling payment processing as the US banned online gambling, but now the future of the bill is on the brink of collapse PayPal is opening itself back up to process online gambling transactions for online casinos and bingo sites.

PayPal is known for it’s near instantaneous fund transfer between their online accounts, now punters of some online casinos and online bingo sites can enjoy this service in the United Kingdom. But it seems that paypal is not opening it up to everyone as it is hoping to avoid causing itself problems with the United States over legal issues.

Another major player in the internet is also returning to the online gambling industry, Google is now selling it services to online gambling companies, so if you are based in the UK then you can expect some sponsored ads from online casinos. This is their step to anticipating the fall of the online gambling ban in the States. Google was also another company that prohibited online gambling ads when US Department of Justice administered fines for allowing to show online gambling ads.

The future for the UIGEA seems bleak as Barney Frank's online gambling bill is gaining a backing, the current number of co-sponsors for the online gambling bill has reach 54.
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