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Online poker company Full Tilt Launch New Poker Software

US poker giants Full Tilt have upped their ante with a new software release that will offer players a whole host of improved features.

Upon logging into their accounts last Thursday, Full Tilt customers were prompted to download updated software and soon discovered that they had been given the option to upgrade to a brand new Full Tilt client.

While the classic lobby view was still available to the site’s die-hard users, a new and improved lobby quickly became the preferred option as players discovered they could use a variety of filters and favourites tabs to speed-up finding a game.

Perhaps the biggest improvement to Full Tilt’s software came with the introduction of an all-new deal-making option in tournaments. Tilt had previously been lagging behind PokerStars and the Cereus network in this field, with players often having to gamble for large amounts of money when a tournament reached its conclusion.

However, now Full Tilt players will be able to deal once a tournament reaches the final table without the need for support to become involved. Players must simply click the “make a deal” to register their interest and – once all players at the final table have done so – a discussion window will open up.

Here players are given 20 minutes to reach an agreement, with their options including splitting the money proportionally based on stack-sizes, using the independent chip model or utilising a custom-made deal agreed on by all players.

Initial reactions to the new software have been overwhelmingly positive, with the only reservations coming from some of the site’s more knowledgeable players who believe that educating bad players about the independent chip model will harm their long term profits. Nevertheless, the new features look to be a huge hit already.
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