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Hacker convention spots fake ATM outside Riviera Casino in Las Vegas

Criminals have been well-and-truly found out after placing a fake ATM outside the Riviera Casino conference centre in Las Vegas a few days before 8,000 security experts arrived for a hacking conference.

The Defcon hacking conference had been planned for months in advanced at the Riviera Casino but the criminals who placed the fake ATM just outside the building would have surely have chosen another spot for their device.

The ATM which was setup to look similar to the small ATMs found inside casinos was placed outside the conference centre just out of view of any CCTV cameras and would have no doubt got away with thousands of pin numbers and card information had it not been spotted by one of the security experts.

The machine was reported to the Casino as the screen was very dark compared to others and when looking inside a computer was found to be storing the personal information.
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