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Transferring funds to online casinos made easier for Asia.

The Isle of Man based NETeller have been in rapid development and deployment of NETeller’s e-wallet service for Asia. The company that has been helping with the project is the Northern California based technology consultancy, Arizona Bay. The popular service enables customers (individuals who open accounts) to load, withdraw and transfer funds via the Internet. Qualified Asian customers can instantly transfer funds to/from any merchant website that supports NETeller’s online payments system, and to/from other NETeller customers.

Technology development for NETeller in its Asian launch has been exclusive to Arizona Bay. The project began in September 2005 and within six months, Arizona Bay prepared a robust, localized application for China that is available to more than 1,700 qualified NETeller merchants around the world.

A team of experts was assembled by Arizona Bay to first assess the requirements in China and then develop a localized product based on NETeller’s proven standards for the most scalable, secure and dependable transfer service on the market. Dale Johnson, President of NETeller’s Asian operations, said that “Arizona Bay has been instrumental in helping NETeller to achieve it Asian business goals due to Arizona Bay’s acumen and domain expertise with NETeller’s business model and technology. Based on an extensive five-year history working alongside Neteller, Arizona Bay has helped with the evolution of NETeller’s global footprint.”

“We have the technical proficiency to assist companies like NETeller in almost any new emerging market situation,” says Arizona Bay Chief Technologist Jay Gibb. “With our intimate knowledge of NETeller’s architecture, we did not have to re-invent the wheel. Rapid prototyping and iterative design enables us to adapt applications to local needs and legislative policies in new market regions.”

Neteller PLC is a global electronic money issuer headquartered in the Isle of Man with regional offices in Calgary Canada, London England, Macau China and San Jose Costa Rica. The company operates an electronic wallet that provides secure, instant and indemnified funds transfers related to online transactions. Neteller PLC is a publicly traded company on the London AIM exchange.
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