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Boxer David Haye Using Brooms and Cage Fighters to Prepare for Bout

Following news of the recent WBA heavyweight world title bout signed for November 7, David Haye has revealed he has some interesting preparation techniques in the pipeline for Nikolai Valuev.

David Haye, the British heavyweight, is no slouch when it comes to the tale of the tape, measuring in at 6ft 5in and weighing 15 stone. However, his opponent literally dwarfs Haye, with the Russian a massive 7ft 2in and 23 stone. Haye is not worrying though after revealing he’ll be sparring with some of the biggest men from the world of cage fighting as part of his preparation.

"I'm tiny in comparison, but then again all heavyweights are tiny in comparison to him!” said Haye. “I've got a few secret weapons, and friends in the world of mixed martial-arts are looking out for giants to help me prepare in the gym. I have seen men even bigger than Valuev fighting in the cage and hopefully I will sign a few of them up for some serious sparring sessions.”

It’s not only Valuev’s sheer size that needs to be considered though, with Haye having to contend with the Russian’s reach being almost a foot longer. No need for a cage fighter here though, says the Brit.

"I've been using a boxing glove attached to a broom handle to prepare for the Klitschko brothers. I'll just have to get a bigger broom handle for this big guy.

So there you have it – British boxer prepares for giant challenge using broom handles and cage fighters. No wonder they’ve been producing some great talents in the last decade…
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