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Online Gambling Company Set To Go Global

Having long been one of the leading names in US sports betting, online outfit Bodog are looking to expand their operation by bringing the online gambling brand to a global audience.

With the successful launch of Bodog Europe already behind them, the company are now looking to diversify their product by launching a series of ‘sun domains’ that will offer region-specific content across Europe and the rest of the world.

Currently, when a punter logs onto Bodog, they are taken to a page offering portals to both the North American and European sites. However, if the site continues to expand as planned, they will move over geo-IP technology that will automatically recognise a user’s location and redirect them to the relevant Bodog domain for their country.

In addition to the new region-sensitive technology, Bodog’s plans for expansion were given a further boost when they were granted permission to promote their services in Canada. This news came as a huge fillip to the company as Bodog has not previously been able to offer their product to any IP address originating from Canada.

With Bodog currently exploring a range of new countries to incorporate under their European umbrella, the company are expected to be a major presence at all the biggest affiliate conferences this year and European Managing Director Keith McDonnell is scheduled to speak in Budapest, Hungary and Copenhagen over the coming months.
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