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Virginia Resort to introduce Casino Gambling

A prominent West Virginian hotel has decided for the first time to open a casino on its premises. The site, based in the Wheeling region of the Mountain State has been the centre of debate for years concerning the protracted project to bring gambling to the Greenbrier area.

The hotel is steeped in history and the site of the proposed casino is actually an underground floor-space formally used as an emergency bunker to hold national leaders in the event of a nuclear attack. Jim Justice, the new owner of the resort plans to build an underground gaming floor and install slot machines and table games in time for an opening in April 2010.

The resort will open a temporary gaming centre this September and the inevitable opposition has surfaced in the form of local pressure groups who consider gambling to be a social ill, targeting vulnerable and compulsive individuals.

However resort operators have countered with the argument that the instalment of casino gaming may be the only way to support the hotel and make it viable again. The resort had previously filed for bankruptcy before Justice completed the takeover. The opening of a casino may also have a positive effect on the local economy.
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