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Justin Bonomo Takes World Series Form Online

World Series success story Justin Bonomo proved that his sensational recent run of form isn’t in danger of coming to an end any time soon by taking down this week’s Super Tuesday tournament on PokerStars.

The Bodog sponsored pro added a healthy $75,855 to the nearly $460,000 he took home from this year’s World Series in Las Vegas by defeating ‘Mumtum23’ heads-up in the online 389-runner no-limit Hold’em tournament.

The final hand of play came when Bonomo – known on ‘Stars as ‘ZeeJustin’ – made a minimum raise to 20,000 with the blinds at 5,000/10,000 and a running 1,000 ante. His opponent countered by moving all-in for 168,696, but the bet wasn’t enough to deter Bonomo, who made the call holding K-7 of hearts.

With ‘Mumtum23’ turning over K-4 off-suit, ‘ZeeJustin’ was in great shape going to the flop, but he fell narrowly behind when his opponent caught a pair of fours as the first three cards rolled out Js-4h-9h. However, having picked up a king-high flush draw, a tournament-clinching 10h came on the turn to complete Bonomo’s hand and wrap up the win.

The river was a redundant 10c, and with that Bonomo scooped top honours while his beaten opponent was forced to settle for $57,377 as runner-up. The win now sees Bonomo’s total tournament takings for 2009 closing in on the $1 million mark.
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