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Astonishing 24 Hours for Online Casino Winner

One of Mapau Bingo members has won over $50,000 in an astonishing 24 hour period by playing a mixture of slots and keno at their online bingo site.

David Priest’s run of luck began on the Friday evening as he won over $5,000 playing keno. The following morning, David decided to push his luck with more keno, quickly getting up to $10,000. At that point, his wife advised him to cash out, but David made a deal with her that he would not go below $9,000. And it was lucky for him that he did!

Switching to slots, David decided to go big and played the max bet of $5 a line, for $120 a spin. Within a few minutes he’d hit 7 suitcases for $24,000, before getting three airplanes for a jackpot of $20,000! David eventually cashed out for more than $50,000.

“I have been playing at both Mapau sites for a long time and they are by far my favourites,' David said. 'I want to thank everyone at Mapau Bingo for all the quick help and attention when needed.”
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