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Children Could Be Sent to Prison For Gambling

Ten children after having been arrested for gambling at Soekarno-Hatta International Airport, Cengkareng, Indonesia, have faced their first hearing of their trial yesterday.

The children wore masks to conceal their identities and were accompanies by their parents and a defense lawyer for their first appearance in court hearing from prosecutor, Reski Diniart, who read out the charges against the group.

The children who are also accused of offering illegal shoe shining services are claimed to have been casught gambling at the Damri bus terminal at the end of May.

The children were arrested when police saw the minor betting around 10 US cent on a game of coin toss. For this they could face a maximum sentence of five years in prison.

The prosecution against the children have said, “They defendants have violated Article 303 of the Criminal Code on gambling and therefore they must be punished to ensure they do not repeat their deeds.”

The youngest defendant is only 8 whilst the eldest is still a youth at the age of 15, despite this the whole group was taken directly into police custody after being arrested and then locked behind bars.

Some boys were even prevented from taking their end of year school exams due to their arrest which was claimed to be part of a campaign to clean up the airport.

One of the boy’s mother’s said, “My son should have started junior high school today but he and his friends instead have to stand before the court. He and his friends could not take the final exams because they were detained by the police.”

Danielle Almond.
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