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Online Casino To Launch Rummy Online

Popular online gambling outfit, 32Red, has announced plans to add Rummy to its arsenal of online gambling games.

The appropriately-titled 32Red Rummy follows hot on the heels of other online games, including 32Red Bingo, 32Red Spreadbet, and the firm’s spread betting arm, and 32Red Mobile, a series of mobile phone casino games.

“We believe that we are in a great position to bring to bear 7 years of successful gaming experience to what is a massively popular card game that is new and burgeoning on the internet now,” said Pat Harrison, Operations Director for 32Red. “We’re positive that our position as a trusted and respected gaming operator means 32Red Rummy will grow rapidly and become the home for rummy on the Internet.”

32Red Rummy offers players a range of online rummy games. Players can play the classic Gin Rummy, Oklahoma Rummy, Kalooki 40 & 51, growing ever-popular among poker players, and traditional rummy, in hundreds of online tables with a range of stakes. Free games are also available for those trying out the game for the first time.

32Red’s Mark Quayle added: “32Red Rummy offers players a full rummy experience. Akin to playing at home, but with all the advantages of playing online, 32Red Rummy players enjoy busy tables, a sign-up bonus and regular loyalty offers and tournaments.

“Rummy is similar to poker in that players from 32Red compete in a networked environment, it’s player against player and every man (or woman) to his (or her) self. There’s a wide variety of table stakes to cater for all budgets, ranging from free-to-play to a range of one dollar to several hundred dollar buy-ins. Players have the choice of hundreds of tables and can compete alongside upwards of 3,000 players online.”
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