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Another wave of bank seizures as the US continues online gambling ban

Full Tilt and PokerStars, the two biggest online poker rooms in the world that allow US players has already been hit hard last month by the Department of Justice after over $30million was seized.

A second wave of seizures is said to have taken place – full details are yet to be uncovered. All that is known is two separate judges have allowed the warrants for the seizures to pass. The Government have claimed that the money was seized as it was being used for money laundering.

The UIGEA was introduced in September 2006 when it was rushed through after being bolted on to another amendment at the last minute. The ban did not make gambling illegal in America despite common belief. It did in fact make it illegal for any bank to transfer money to an online gambling or poker website. Whether this would be down to the banks responsibility or the gambling company was a grey area. However, only the online gambling companies seem to have taken the brunt of the law so far.

Barney Frank and the PPA (Poker Player’s Alliance) have joined forces and have been campaigning strongly to regulate online gambling in the states.
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