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ESPN Launch New Premier League Soccer Channel after Setanta collapse

It has been revealed that ESPN have secured the rights to live games formerly held by Setanta for coverage of English Premier League games in the Irish Republic. The American sports channel has picked up the rights to 46 games from the 2009/10 season and will be the same matches that ESPN will broadcast on their new UK sports channel from August 3rd.

The move has been welcomed by Premier League supremo Richard Scudamore, who claims that ESPH has "a formidable worldwide reputation" and "first rate coverage and programming".

British viewers will also be able to enjoy coverage of sports which ESPN already own the rights to on the new channel. As well as English Premier League football, the channel will also show some of the US sports to which ESPN owns rights, including NBA basketball and Nascar.

ESPN did not state whether they would bid for the rights to Scottish Premier League games which also were up for grabs after the downfall of Setanta, only saying they were "interested in rights where they are available and where they make business sense".
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