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Chaos Reigns on Day 1d of World Series of Poker (WSOP) Main Event

As the last of four Day 1s played out at the Rio in Las Vegas, there was a good deal of confusion and consternation among players.

The event saw reigning champion Peter Eastgate sit down to play, along with Ivan Demidov whom Eastgate beat heads-up in last year’s final table.

But as play began in the Amazon Room, around 500 would-be players were shut out of the poker room, much to their chagrin. The even had already reached capacity earlier in the morning, and WSOP commissioner Jeffrey Pollack had to have a meeting with the angry mob in an effort to placate them. His apologies that the event had already reached capacity would have to suffice.

There was further controversy when players drawn to table 90, where Phil Ivey would be playing, were told they would be moved to a television feature table – potentially earning them $10,000 in sponsorship money – only for Ivey to throw a wobbly and refuse to be on a television table. His request was granted, but the cameras descended on him anyway, while he was eating, something which also annoyed the seven-time bracelet winner.

However, the most unbelievable moment of the day involved a Dutch player called Leroy Soesman, who turned up to play on Day 1d, only to be told that he had actually registered for Day 1a. Frantic enquiries to staff confirmed to Soesman that his chips had indeed been blinded off on Day 1a, but that he still had some left and could sit down on Day 2.

So there is now the possibility of a player who couldn’t even remember what day he was playing, going on to become the 2009 champion. That’s if he turns up on time, of course.
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