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Barack Obama To Play (WSOP) World Series of Poker?

In what might be considered one of the more bizarre stories to have come from this year’s World Series of Poker, President Barack Obama has been bought into the Main Event by poker pro Richard Sklar.

Sklar saw Obama at Caesars Palace and handed the entry ticket to the president, who was reported to have said he “might take him up on it”.

Not only would Obama’s presence at the World Series be seen as a major coup for poker supporters who want to make their case for a backtrack on US online gaming policy, but there could be some serious money raised for charity, too. Sklar has revealed that he and Greg Mueller have prop bets with Full Tilt pros Phil Gordon and Chris ‘Jesus’ Ferguson, with all winnings from the bet to be donated to a charity of Obama’s choice. Gordon laid both 100,000/1 for $1, while Ferguson could lose a cool $1m if the $20 bets at 25,000/1 have to be paid out.

The suggestion from Sklar is be to give the $1m to the wounded soldiers from Iraq. There’s been no news if Obama will take the pro up on his offer.
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